• Thanks to the efficiency of its services, the State provides stability and security allowing the population, for whom civil peace is one of the first expectations, to devote themselves to activities that ensure the growth of economic prosperity
  • For the population, the maintenance of peace and security is the first requirement in order for them to sincerely place their trust in their leaders, who are themselves, responsible for the quality of political, diplomatic, and economic relations at an international level
  • Despite this efficiency, the dawn of the twenty-first century has witnessed an increase in terrorism, crime, and theft of strategic information. Security technology issues are becoming more crucial everyday and impose an unprecedented level of expertise

For more than 30 years, pushing the limits of technology has been the mission of COFREXPORT which has built a reputation for excellence, both in terms of understanding the issues and their upstream analysis as well as in terms of the design and building strategy of high-performance materials for police, justice, defence services and the civil protection of states

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