In order to provide the best response which is geared to the needs of its customers, COFREXPORT’s offering includes many services.

  • An upstream expertise, essential phase of defining and accurately clarifying needs, the quality of which is guaranteed by the recognized operational experience of our engineers
  • An assembly proposal, Defining existing materials and those to be designed for a “turnkey” implementation of the solutions proposed as well as possible technological partners to be consulted
  • An integration phase which COFREXPORT carries out for vehicles or any other carrier for the optimal performance of equipment and accessories
  • Extended, very operational, training that accompanies the delivery of solutions, the importance of which is recognized by our clients themselves for achieving success in their missions
  • Genuine operational assistance, so that the material and solutions always remain rapidly functional thanks to COFREXPORT’s technical follow-up and assistance in often urgent situations in which COFREXPORT strives to offer the most applicable adaptation solutions.